Aubameyang chooses to compete for Singha instead of running away from MLS

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Sources close to Chelsea‘s Cobham training center claim that the striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will not give up on the challenge of moving to the US Major League Soccer by challenging for a place at Stamford Bridge. Bridge until the end of the season at least.

Telegraph Football ufabet reports that the 33-year-old striker has become a second-choice in head coach Graeme Potter’s heart until he has been dropp from the Champions League round of 16 registration.

Until there was a trend that LA FC made an appointment to discuss a loan offer until the end of June 2023, but pushed the burden of cost to ‘Sing the Blues’ to take care of.

Most recently, the referee who returned to training with Chelsea has expressed his position that he is ready to fight for the position, even if there is only the English Premier League program left to squeeze. 

This corresponds to Potter’s interview that he is ready to give Aubameyang a chance if his heart is still fighting.

“There is nothing to report. He trained with us all week and the result was very good.” The 47-year-old boss opened his mouth. 

“That guy can control himself well. highly professional and support teammates.” 

“The whole time he was here Has done everything I expected it to do. Fully rehearsed and well laid out.” 

Aubameyang played 17 games for Chelsea, scoring three goals and providing one assist, starting his last league game back on January 5, a 0-1 loss to Manchester City.