Drinking coffee and having a headache

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     Not drinking coffee and having a headache. It’s called one of the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. Often happens to people who drink coffee regularly and then broken raw. stop drinking coffee immediately which in addition to the headache In some cases, there is a feeling of sleepiness. Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, irritable, feeling not refreshed, no energy, which if the girls are the ones who drink coffee regularly and want to stop drinking coffee. But I’m afraid that if I don’t drink coffee, I will have a headache. Today โปรโมชั่น ufabet have a solution for it. What must be done Follow us and see.

5 ways to cure not drinking coffee and having a headache 

1. Drink diluted coffee

     Try adding more water and reducing the amount of coffee. to dilute more. This will allow us to still be able to get caffeine. Only the caffeine will be reduced by gradually mixing this diluted coffee. Doing it every day will allow us to reduce the consumption of coffee down here.

2. Reduce the amount

     If girls are people who drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day, then gradually reduce to only one cup a day, because in a day, we should receive no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day, while 1 cup of coffee will Contains about 100 – 120 milligrams of caffeine, which sometimes if brewing very strong coffee. The more caffeine will follow.

3. Switch to another drink

     Caffeinated beverages are not just coffee. because in tea or cocoa It has caffeine as well. just lighter Switching to these beverages will allow you to consume less caffeine and gradually increase your caffeine intake. Away from the coffee in the end.

4. Drink lots of water

     People who drink coffee regularly should be wary of osteoporosis. osteoporosis This is because coffee inhibits the absorption of calcium and also expels water from the body. Drinking water is then added to the water that is excreted. so that we do not lose water Including drinking water is also a relief from headaches. Reduce drowsiness, fatigue, help refresh the body.

5. Have breakfast

     Some people drink only one cup of coffee in the morning. without eating any other food This may damage your health. Try switching from a full cup of coffee to half a cup of coffee with other breakfast foods. This will allow the body to gradually adjust and gradually withdraw the caffeine from the body.