Eating ice cream without getting fat

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Ice cream is a favorite dessert of many people, whether young or old, even health lovers or models. Sometimes I can’t wait to reach into the freezer to take out a delicious ice cream. Especially in the summer It was like going to heaven. For those who say “I want to eat ice cream But I don’t want to be fat.” You must not miss this article. Because we will tell you the secret of eating ice cream to not get fat in Japanese style.

Which ice cream to choose?

Ice cream available in the market can be divide into several types depending on the fat content of the milk. The more fat from the milk, the richer and sweeter the ice cream will be สมัคร ufabet

For the one with less fat from milk. It will have a light taste. eat and be refresh. The ones that contain less than 3% milk will not count as it. It’s just bringing fruit juice to harden like Sherbet only 

Choosing an ice cream that is not too fat to eat It’s also a good idea to look at low-fat dairy and low-sugar ratios. Ice cream that comes with a cone or waffle will also be higher in calories. Therefore, if it is good to choose ice cream in the cup. or if you really like eating cones Then choose some light colors.

good time to eat

The best time to eat sweets, not just ice cream, is 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., because it’s the time when the food you eat is the hardest to turn into fat for your body. It is considered a golden time for eating snacks for people to lose weight is eating ice cream at night Because at night is the time when food will turn into fat easily. But if anyone really can’t resist It is recommended to eat it as sugar-free or calorie-free ice cream.

how to eat

The way you eat is also important. If we buy a cup of ice cream from the shop It is recommended to pour it on a plate and sprinkle with nuts or fruit or mint leaves for garnish. To make it look colorful and appetizing, you should choose a small size ice cream. so that we can eat it all while it’s not melting 

Another way is to eat frozen fruits such as mangos, pineapples, mixed berries, oranges, or frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. In addition to having a sweet and refreshing taste as well Calories are still much less.

We just add a few observations. Choose to eat a little more. It will help maintain our health and beautiful figure without having to starve the ice cream to torture the mind. Who is controlling the weight Don’t forget to put this tip to use.